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Artist Statement: Paula West

I enjoy making handmade, functional, useful objects that can become a favorite mug or bowl, reached for day after day. The smooth, white, translucent qualities of porcelain are the perfect canvas for my black and white patterns, whimsical motifs and carved surfaces. I merge function, craft and art to create vessels that enhance your daily meals and special gatherings with family and friends. Whimsical and elegant, contemporary and fresh, my work brings connection and meaning to me as the maker and you that use my pots

Artist Statement: Joe Cooper

My intention is to create a tactile and visual record of process. I work with oil paint, encaustic, canvas, paper, various metals, wire and wood to arrange responses to natural and man-made architectures.

I seek to find a balance between organized pattern and random marks. I am fascinated by the intrinsic properties of various materials, which I explore through contrast and juxtaposition.

Paula West Pottery

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160 MacGinitie Road

Friday Harbor, WA 98250 (360) 378-2391

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