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I think of myself as a dyslexic potter, because I prepare the surface design of an object before the object is constructed. I have developed a surface design technique that I refer to as clay printmaking. My professional training is as a textile designer and I spent a decade in NY City as a scarf designer for Liz Claiborne, Inc. Thus, I treat my clay as a piece of fabric that has the flexibility to be embossed and achieve a relief in order to stretch the dimension of the surface. The images I transpose into the clay revolve around nature and objects that allows us to feel joy. I hope for my work to act as a bonding experience to the hand made as I fear for its future. I believe an appreciation of the hand made arts help define a sense of place and thus help us continue to feel rooted in our world.

Lauren Jawer Belle Terre Island Ceramics earthenware ceramics

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970 Terrace Drive

Friday Harbor, WA 98250 (360) 317-4468

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