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Artist Statement: Kat Rose
My work reflects my love of chemistry, geometry, and mathematics; and clay just feels so good in my hands. For me the magic happens in the periodic table of the elements as I “paint with molecules”. I develop all of my own glazes and investigate molecular interactions to create crystalline growth, feathering, textures, and atmospheric reactions. Some of my work is functional, some sculptural: all share my curiosity of the interaction between geometric and organic forms. I have always loved looking at things with a magnifying glass. My glazes invite this kind of close inspection of the frozen movement within the glaze surface.

Artist Statement: Rebecca Cook
Painting, illustration, and monotype prints are my interests at this juncture of my artistic journey. Over the last several years I have produced two very whimsical card lines, and now I am nearing completion of my children’s picture book: Calvin Splinter and His Splendid Splinter Ideas. My large, very productive Ettan etching press continues to pump out colorful abstract prints with images inspired by the lush vegetation, blue water and sunny skies surrounding our island. Planned also for the Art Tour this year are several monotype demonstrations. They are scheduled for early afternoon of Saturday and Sunday so be sure to stop by. There will be plenty of art to chose from!

Kat Rose • Clay/porcelain
Rebecca Cook • painting, illustration, and monotype prints: oil, watercolor, ink, and pencil

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109 Pelican Way

PO Box 2753, Friday Harbor, WA 98250 • 360.370.5195

Kat Rose: www.flamingchalice.comkat@flamingchalice.com
Rebecca Cook: messageart@me.commessageartdesign.com 360-610-3086

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San Juan Island Artists' Studio Tour
26th Annual • June 3rd and 4th, 2017

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