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Dona Reed Artist statement:

I am a maker! I think in black and white. I use strong graphic lines, bold shapes and textures to express the essence of my subjects. This is perfect for relief printmaking. Creating both 2 and 3 dimensional work requires a different thought process. That's why I like to work with carved gourds or assemblage' as a change of pace. What can go wrong with collecting junk to use in my finished artwork?

Mark Gardner Artist statement:

Following in a long tradition of fine-art photographers, I use the camera and the digital darkroom to create images that interpret what I see around me. I tend to photograph whatever I'm curious about. So my subjects range across a wide spectrum that includes people, culture and nature. My process starts with finding or creating strong compositions that I capture with my camera. To me, these are a starting point from which I create engaging, evocative images. Sometimes these reflect just what I see. Sometimes they show what I would like to see. But they always show how I feel. Once created in the digital darkroom, my images are printed on archival papers with pigment inks to create the final photograph

Rainshadow Arts
Dona Reed printmaking and gourd vessels
Mark Gardner fine-art Photography

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Rainshadow Arts

144 Panorama Pl

Friday Harbor, WA 98250 (360) 378-1813

www.rainshadow-arts.com donalreed@gmail.com

www.photographybymarkgardner.com photobymg@rockisland.com

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